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Archive for August 2017

What You Should Know About Stand Up to Cancer Day

September 8 is Stand Up to Cancer Day. This is the ideal opportunity for you as a family caregiver to work with your elderly parent to learn more about cancer, how it can impact your aging parent, and the ways that you will need to adjust your care routine to help your parent either reduce…

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Preventing Falls When Enjoying Outings with Your Elder

Planning outings with your aging parent is a fantastic way to encourage them to enjoy a more active, engaged, and fulfilling lifestyle. Getting out of the house for activities stimulates their mind and gives them more physical activity while creating memories that both of you will cherish well into the future. As with anything else…

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What Is the Best Way to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome isn’t a disease or a condition, rather it is a collection of risk factors that can lead to more serious problems like diabetes and heart disease. The risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome are high blood pressure, cholesterol levels that are unhealthy, excess fat around the abdomen, and high blood sugar levels.…

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Could Your Mom Be Neglecting Herself?

Self-neglect must be monitored as your mom ages. For one daughter, the change was so gradual  she didn’t notice it until her dad died. Suddenly, she could see just how little her mom was doing for herself. What Self-Neglect Looks Like When her mom stopped cooking meals and preferring microwavable meals or takeout food, she…

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How Might Your Loved One’s Doctor Diagnose Osteoporosis?

Getting a diagnosis for osteoporosis may involve your loved one’s doctor performing a variety of different tests. These separate tests can help to confirm what your loved one’s doctor sees in one specific test or can help to confirm risk factors that make your loved one more susceptible to developing osteoporosis. Family and Medical History…

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