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Archive for January 2018

When Seniors Complain About Being Dizzy

While everyone experiences the feeling of dizziness on occasion, it can be a warning sign if it happens too often in elderly adults. Dizziness, the feeling of spinning or lightheadedness, is a symptom of some kind of disorder in the body. While dizzy spells that are mild and only take place occasionally are nothing to…

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Is it Possible to Exercise with Arthritis?

Your elderly family member might not believe it, but exercising even though she has arthritis can actually help. there are a few things to keep in mind, though. Talk to Her Doctor before You Start Something New The biggest thing to remember about exercise and arthritis is that your senior’s doctor needs to be involved.…

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Elderly Parent Won’t Listen to You? 5 Steps to Help

One of the biggest worries that elderly people have as they age is losing their independence. When it becomes obvious that they need help with tasks around house and with self-care that they’ve managed to do on their own for decades, it can be frustrating and frightening. Often, this is the reason behind why elderly…

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