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Archive for March 2018

How Can I Help My Elderly Relative Improve Digestion?

The most obvious signs of aging are external, such as wrinkles and grey hair. However, age affects the body internally as well, and many elderly adults notice changes there as well. The digestive system is one area that is greatly impacted with age because it slows down and decreases in efficiency. Elderly adults that have…

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How Can You Cope with the Emotional Demands of Caregiving?

Caregiving demands an awful lot out of you and if you’re not careful, those demands can take a toll. Having some good self-care routines in place can help quite a bit. If you’re not already doing some of these things, you might want to reconsider. Set Aside Time to Relax Every Day Whether you’re taking…

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BlueDot Cares to Host Career Fair Event

BlueDot Cares is hosting a career fair event focusing on the South Carolina area! Recruiting CNAs to fill a variety of roles throughout Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, York, and Lancaster. Bluedot is a locally owned agency growing in the South Carolina market and is looking for CNAs to grow with them. The event…

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