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Archive for May 2018

What Is Normal When it Comes to Caregiving?

Lots of people who are about to become caregivers want to know what normal is for caregiving. It would be great if there were one map or flowchart that everyone could follow, but unfortunately normal is different for every caregiver and every caregiving situation. Every Situation Is Different It might feel obvious, but every single…

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What Are Dry and Secondary Drowning?

If you are like many family caregivers, you look forward to the warm weather for its opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy activities with your aging parent. Many of these activities involve water, such as swimming or boating. Understanding of the risks associated with activities is an important step in protecting your…

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Avoid Caregiver Burnout: Hire a Homecare Provider

You haven’t slept through the night in weeks. You struggle with frequent headaches and an upset stomach. You never finish your to do list by the end of each day. You can’t seem to shake your latest cold. You can’t remember the last time you had lunch with friends. You find yourself more irritable and…

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Bluedot Cares Continues to Partner With the Alzheimer’s Association

Bluedot Cares was honored to be invited to the Alzheimer’s Association breakfast this week at Carmel Country Club. This incredibly moving event was called “reason to HOPE” and featured the CEO, of the Western Carolina Chapter as well as personal reflections from individuals affected by Alzheimer’s. We wanted to thank Redia Baxter with the Alzheimer’s…

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FAQ’s About Seasonal Allergies and Seniors

Spring and summer bring beauty and warmth to your aging parent’s neighborhood, but for many seniors it can also mean endless days of sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and runny noses. Seasonal allergies affect millions of people every year, and seniors are hit particularly hard with symptoms. If your elderly mom or dad is suddenly experiencing…

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Three Steps to Take to Avoid Harmful Insect Bites

Anywhere you go, there are insects that can cause serious harm if bitten. For a senior citizen, bug bites can be a major concern. It can be harder for a senior citizen to run from a swarm of hornets, wasps, or bees. Less effective immune systems can make West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses…

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