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Three Tips for Relaxing into Caregiving

So often caregivers find that they’re not enjoying caregiving as much as they could be. This is often because caregiving becomes a battle instead of something that could be far more easygoing for everyone involved. One of the biggest problems is often that caregiving requires a great deal from you as the caregiver and you…

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Four Steps for Journaling about Your Stress

Journaling about your stress is one way you can work to find ways to manage it better. Especially as a caregiver, how you deal with your stress matters. Write out What Happened From a calm space, think about what happened that caused you stress. What exactly happened? Try to write out what occurred in as…

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Helping Your Senior Become More Physically Active

Physical activity is something that your senior should be engaged in, but it’s vital to talk to her doctor first. Her doctor can let you know whether she’s able to exercise at this stage of her life and how that exercise is likely to affect her overall health. Once you get the go ahead, it’s…

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Is Low Blood Pressure Dangerous?

You might think that having low blood pressure is a good thing. After all, high blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke and heart disease. However, sometimes blood pressure is too low and causes problems like dizziness and fainting, which can lead to a dangerous fall. It can also mean that not enough oxygen…

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Recognizing the Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout

Many seniors today rely on family caregivers to help them with all kinds of daily tasks. Illness, disease, injury, surgery and cognitive decline can all play a part in making it so that the aging adult can no longer live independently. As their health issues increase, they need more and more assistance. Family caregivers that…

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6 Ways to Cope with Migraine

A migraine is a kind of severe headache that typically occurs on only one side of the head. People who suffer from migraines sometimes describe them as a pulsing or throbbing pain. Many people with migraines also experience sensitivity to light, nausea, and vomiting. For some, the pain is so bad that it can be…

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4 Signs Experts Say Point to Seniors Needing Help

Older adults often end up needing help to manage health conditions, perform regular daily activities, and keep their houses in good living condition. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to know when your aging relative is at a point where they need assistance from others. Experts at the Mayo Clinic and WebMD offer the following…

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Do You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?

How often do you check on your parents? How about your elderly neighbors? It’s so easy to get caught up in work, errands, and family life that you might not think about how the elderly men and women around you are doing. Why Should You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors? In Minnesota, an elderly woman…

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