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Do You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors?

How often do you check on your parents? How about your elderly neighbors? It’s so easy to get caught up in work, errands, and family life that you might not think about how the elderly men and women around you are doing. Why Should You Check on Your Elderly Neighbors? In Minnesota, an elderly woman…

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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Hospital-Induced Delirium?

Experts estimate that half of all those older adults who end up hospitalized due to a medical procedure, surgery, illness, or injury will experience the condition known as hospital-induced delirium. This is a state of altered cognitive functioning and mental well-being that can occur extremely quickly and have devastating results for your senior loved one.…

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4 Signs Experts Say Point to Seniors Needing Help

Older adults often end up needing help to manage health conditions, perform regular daily activities, and keep their houses in good living condition. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to know when your aging relative is at a point where they need assistance from others. Experts at the Mayo Clinic and WebMD offer the following…

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Benefits of Senior Care: Bathroom Help

When you took on the role of being a family caregiver for your elderly loved one, you did so in order to help your parent stay safe and healthy, and live their best life as they age in place. You may have noticed challenges and limitations they were dealing with and knew you needed to…

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Preparing Your Parent to Start Home Health Care

Starting a new home health care arrangement for your aging parent should be an exciting time. This begins a time of better health, safety, independence, and fulfillment for your aging parent, and less stress and greater confidence for you as their caregiver. The highly customized services of this home health care provider can help your…

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Tools to Help Your Senior Maintain Independence While Bathing

Many elderly adults struggle with challenges and limitations that can make it more difficult for them to bathe independently. Issues such as mobility problems, balance difficulties, lack of range of motion, and even cognitive function decline and can reduce your parents independence while bathing. This can be challenging for both of you, but fortunately there…

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What’s Causing Your Senior’s Memory Loss?

Everyone experiences memory loss now and again, but when it happens to your senior family member, she might worry that it means something big and bad. The worst isn’t always the answer, though, because sometimes memory loss has a different cause. Underlying Health Issues The body is a complex system and as such, everything works…

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