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How to Use Gratitude Regularly

If you’re only keeping up with gratitude and practices of grateful expression now and then, you might be missing out. Being a caregiver can often mean that you’re in situations that feel negative. Gratitude can help you to find the joy and the good in any situation.

Caregiver Gastonia NC - How to Use Gratitude Regularly

Caregiver Gastonia NC – How to Use Gratitude Regularly

Look Around for Five Beautiful Things

When you’re feeling particularly down, stop and take a look around you. Look for five different things in your immediate area that are beautiful or wonderful or another adjective of your choosing. Even if you’re somewhere you don’t want to be, such as the hospital with your aging adult, you can find five things. The act of looking for these things will help to change your focus.

Seek out Positive News

The news is full of both negative stories and positive ones. It might seem sometimes like the negative ones are the ones that get the most airplay, though. Make it a habit to seek out positive news stories as often as you can. This doesn’t mean that you need to be unaware of what’s going on, but that you’re expanding your vision of what makes up the news.

Flip Negative Thoughts

As a negative thought pops up, stop right then and reverse it to its positive version. Flip the thought around and make it a positive thought. The practice of doing this is going to be difficult at first, but it helps you to learn to first of all recognize negative thoughts and then second, rework them into something different.

Keep Your Own Journal

Any journal is powerful, but you can keep a positivity or a gratitude journal, too. This journal is one that you want to use only for the positive in your life. It can be easiest to use this as a running list of what you’re grateful for in your life. As you stick with the habit, you might find your journal evolving to help you reframe positivity.

Collect Quotes that Speak to You

Lots of people in the history of the world have said some really profound words around gratitude and positivity. It’s worth taking the time to seek these words out. When you find some that are particularly poignant to you, write them down.

Gratitude can be about so much more than just statements about what you’re grateful for on a particular day. When you can adopt an attitude of gratitude throughout your daily life, it will pay off for you in so many ways. Your entire life can become a little bit more positive and a little bit more rewarding.

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Kevin Bilderback

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Kevin Bilderback, CEO and President of the BlueDot family of companies, founded BlueDot’s first healthcare company, BlueDot Medical, in 2002.Since then, BlueDot has become one of the fastest growing companies in America and has made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies five times ( attributes the growth to hiring amazing people who provide great care and inspire independence in the home.

Kevin’s passion to inspire independence has helped over 40,000 local families regain independence in the home.It was through helping these families that Kevin identified a gaping hole in the health care sector.People want to recover and age at home and current in-home care options make it hard and inefficient to do so.Families have to piece together providers for the needs of their loved ones.

Kevin founded BlueDot Cares to fix this challenge for families.BlueDot’s family of companies provides a synergy of care allowing loved ones to recover or age where they want to – at home.Families can feel comfort that their loved ones not only have the most supportive and best caregivers; but also, they will have the equipment they need to remain safe at home.

BlueDot has grown over the years because Kevin truly cares, the employees care, the referring physicians care, the current clients that refer friends and family to BlueDot CARE!BlueDot is part of the community and is honored to show the community that BlueDot cares through a corporate initiative.For every new BlueDot Cares client, a bed will be purchased for a child in need in the community.

BlueDot cares and will inspire in more ways than one!

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