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Spring Means Sunny Days and Sunscreen

Warmer temperatures and longer days makes spring the perfect time to get out of the house. After the long stretch of winter, this could be a refreshing and rejuvenating time to change up your parents routine, head outside, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities together. Not only is this fantastic for their mental and emotional health, but it can also be a great way to boost their physical activity as well.

When you are heading outside with your parents, however, it is extremely important to remember that even when temperatures are not extremely hot, the sun can still be harmful. While your parents should be wearing a sunscreen throughout the year, when you head out for activities during the spring months it is even more important to ensure that your parent is protected.

Use these tips to effectively use sunscreen to protect your aging parent’s skin from the sun:

  • Home Care Services Indian Land SC - Spring Means Sunny Days and Sunscreen

    Home Care Services Indian Land SC – Spring Means Sunny Days and Sunscreen

    Sunscreen should have no less than a 30 sun protection factor, or SPF30.

  • Remember that sunscreen does have an expiration date. If the product is a year old, dispose of it and replace it to ensure effectiveness.
  • Do not leave sunscreen in the car. The heat will cause it to break down and lose its effectiveness.
  • Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapplied every two hours or after excessive sweating or water exposure.
  • Remember that the intensity of sun rays is not reliant on the temperature. Even if it is still cool outside, the sun can cause a burn and put your parent at risk of damage and increased chances of skin cancer.

If your parent has been struggling with needs that you do not feel that you can meet efficiently, your own challenges and limitations have increased and your ability to care for your parent has changed, or you simply feel that they would benefit from a wider, more diversified care team, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting home care services for them.

A home care services provider can be with your parent to fill care gaps, manage care tasks that are too difficult for you or that are not comfortable for you or for your parent for you to handle, and help them to pursue a lifestyle that is as independent and fulfilling as possible as they age in place. This can ease your stress, support your own health and well-being, and help to keep your relationship with your senior meaningful and beneficial throughout their later years.


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Kevin Bilderback

CEO and President at BlueDot Cares
Kevin Bilderback, CEO and President of the BlueDot family of companies, founded BlueDot’s first healthcare company, BlueDot Medical, in 2002.Since then, BlueDot has become one of the fastest growing companies in America and has made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies five times ( attributes the growth to hiring amazing people who provide great care and inspire independence in the home.

Kevin’s passion to inspire independence has helped over 40,000 local families regain independence in the home.It was through helping these families that Kevin identified a gaping hole in the health care sector.People want to recover and age at home and current in-home care options make it hard and inefficient to do so.Families have to piece together providers for the needs of their loved ones.

Kevin founded BlueDot Cares to fix this challenge for families.BlueDot’s family of companies provides a synergy of care allowing loved ones to recover or age where they want to – at home.Families can feel comfort that their loved ones not only have the most supportive and best caregivers; but also, they will have the equipment they need to remain safe at home.

BlueDot has grown over the years because Kevin truly cares, the employees care, the referring physicians care, the current clients that refer friends and family to BlueDot CARE!BlueDot is part of the community and is honored to show the community that BlueDot cares through a corporate initiative.For every new BlueDot Cares client, a bed will be purchased for a child in need in the community.

BlueDot cares and will inspire in more ways than one!

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