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How Do You Say No to Your Parents Without Hurting Feelings?

Your parents raised you. They did things for you even if money was tight or time was short. You hate telling them no. Yet, there are times when you have to put your foot down. Saying no is hard, but there are ways to do it without hurting their feelings.

Home Care Services Rock Hill SC - How Do You Say No to Your Parents Without Hurting Feelings?

Home Care Services Rock Hill SC – How Do You Say No to Your Parents Without Hurting Feelings?

Explain Why You Have to Say No

When your parent told you no, they probably took the time to explain why. Do the same with them. If your mom wants another cat, explain to her that on her fixed income, there isn’t money for proper medical care. Your dad wants to drive, but his doctor has said it’s no longer safe. Show him the doctor’s notes and explain what could happen if he did drive.

Stay Positive

When saying no, keep a positive tone. If you approach the situation with an angry or frustrated tone, they’re likely to respond negatively. Keep it positive during your refusal and subsequent explanation. If you find yourself becoming emotional, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or another room and take a few deep breaths to return to a calmer state.

Be Apologetic

You can be apologetic while telling your parent no. Tell your mom or dad that you wish situations hadn’t changed, but it is what it is. You love them so much that they are your main concern. Telling them no, while hard, is best for their safety or financial situation.

Dementia Changes Typical Reactions

One of the hardest things you’ll face is dementia. Dementia can turn your parent into a different person. It may be hard to say no without your parent reacting. Your parent may become angry and insult you. Your parent may lash out physically. Remember that in a short time, your parent is unlikely to remember the conversation.

Use Respite Care to Give Everyone a Break

If your parent is truly angry, it’s a good time to take a break and let them cool off. Home care services affords you the opportunity to walk away without leaving your parent alone. With home care services providers, a senior care professional comes to your parents home and offers companionship and assistance with activities.

Respite care gives you a break, but it also gives your parent some space. They get a break from you and have time to think about what you were saying. Call our home care services agency and discuss respite care and other helpful services.

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Kevin’s passion to inspire independence has helped over 40,000 local families regain independence in the home.It was through helping these families that Kevin identified a gaping hole in the health care sector.People want to recover and age at home and current in-home care options make it hard and inefficient to do so.Families have to piece together providers for the needs of their loved ones.

Kevin founded BlueDot Cares to fix this challenge for families.BlueDot’s family of companies provides a synergy of care allowing loved ones to recover or age where they want to – at home.Families can feel comfort that their loved ones not only have the most supportive and best caregivers; but also, they will have the equipment they need to remain safe at home.

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