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Archive for June 2017

Benefits of Hiring Home Care Services

Home Care Services Cornelius NC - Benefits of Hiring Home Care Services

“I don’t need any help!” your father yells as you try to help him up from the floor. This is the third time in six weeks that he has tripped – that you know of – and he is being just as stubborn about it as ever. His arthritis is making it hard for him…

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What Do I Do When Dad’s Vision Becomes a Problem?

Homecare Huntersville NC - What Do I Do When Dad's Vision Becomes a Problem?

You’ve noticed your dad is walking into pieces of furniture. He’s complaining about having a harder time seeing things at night. As his vision changes, you’re developing concerns about his ability to drive and to live alone. Here are tips on handling vision problems in your aging dad. See an Eye Doctor The very first…

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The First Three Hours Following a Stroke

Home Care Services Weddington NC - The First Three Hours Following a Stroke

When an emergency occurs, you often have only a split second to react. As a family caregiver, those moments and the choices you make can often mean very different potential outcomes for your parent. One of these defining moments is the choice you make when your parent is having a stroke. Knowing what to look…

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