According to the centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly one-quarter of adults cared for a family member in the past month. Such caregiving can quickly turn into an all-consuming endeavor with full-time hours and skyrocketing stress levels. Fortunately, a caregiver support group can help you form a community focused on caring for you.

You Are Not Alone

Joining a caregiver support group puts you in contact with others who know what it’s like to maintain two homes at once or squeeze grandma’s appointments in during an already full workday. Sit, listen, and feel at home. When it’s your turn to talk, expect unconditional acceptance from others walking down a similar path.

You Can Find Better Ways

While you’re listening to others, you’ll learn how they’ve approached caregiving. Some of the strategies shared might work quite well for you. Others might not be right for your family or personal situation. Listen with an open mind that includes a willingness to try new ways, and you may find a solution or two to your caregiving challenges.

More Help Is Available Than You Know

Some individuals attend caregiver support groups for a decade or more. This kind of experience comes with a wealth of knowledge regarding community supports and other bits of help. If you need some help with making sure dad eats a nutritious lunch or gets cleanly and safely shaven before leaving for the day, ask others in the group. There’s a good chance that at least one of them can provide you with a name or two for high-quality professional service.

Caring for an aging parent or grandparent is a rewarding and rigorous endeavor. To succeed, you must surround yourself with as many knowledgeable and caring people as possible. Joining a caregiver support group will help you meet and even grow to love the challenge of caregiving.