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BlueDot Cares prides itself in providing more to your loved ones than just routine activities of daily living.

Aging adults do not “just fall”.  There can be numerous underlying factors that increase an individual’s likelihood of falling.  Falls are not directly linked to aging but are directly related to risk factors and susceptibility.  As the number of “risk factors” rise, so does the probability of falling.

BlueDot Cares provides specific training and focus in educating our staff on the underlying issues related to falling.  They are taught to understand and practice techniques that can aide in preventing a fall.  Some of the more common risk factors contributing to falls are:  muscle weakness; balance and gait; a rapid drop in blood pressure; slower reflexes; foot problems and unsafe footwear; vision problems; poor lighting; and hurrying to bathroom.  Because of our special training programs, the BlueDot Cares staff may actually be a part of keeping that first fall or a recurrent fall from happening.

Fifty-five (55%) of falls occur in the home and approximately twenty-five (25%) of falls occur outside but within a short distance of the home.  Thus it is important to look more specifically at environmental and systemic conditions that contribute to falls in the aging adult.

Entrusting the care of your loved one to a BlueDot cares staff member means you are able to rely on the knowledge of well trained professional who sees beyond a condition and along with their RN Case Manager, can suggest possible solutions that can make a fall less likely.

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